ladybuttons's Journal

3 July 1981
I'm a nerdy nerd whose a tad bit cheesy. In my life, because of my job, I work with an insane amount of rhinestones and am prone to getting covered in glitter. As much as I can't stand it and since it's my career; Theatre is my heartbeat and sometimes it takes over my soul. Such a love/hate relationship!

Pirate Jokes never get old to me. I'm a bottomless pit of useless information that's really only good for trivial pursuit or trivia based nights. I like to get lost in Art Museums and can spend several hours there. Dive bars can be where it's at, especially if a random dance party is started. I can only sing 2 songs at karaoke but it's not even singing...mostly talk rapping. I'm a little shy and like a true Cancer, I like to crawl in my shell and hide away listening to the ocean sounds. I also just discovered this new found love of all things arashi and figure skating...yeah...but IDC 'cause I'm loving it!